August 11, 2022
Dear Inside Sales Hiring Manager,

You hire inside sales reps, but how do you find the ones that will be able to actually sell?

How do you know which candidates can make 50/80/100 calls per day, day after day? How can you you tell if getting rejected 90% of the time will energize them, or cause them to burn out in 6 months? How do you find candidates that BS their way through the interviews versus candidates who generate big sales after you hire them? How do you sift through tons of qualified candidates and hire your next inside sales superstar?

If you answered, "I don't know ..." to any of those questions, you're not alone.

Hiring inside sales reps is incredibly hard. The most basic requirement of inside sales reps is to make tons of calls every single day, and yet asking job applicants to make a bunch of calls to your prospects as part of the interview process doesn't make any sense.

But wait, it gets harder....

Even if you're sure an inside sales applicant can make 50, 80, or 100 calls a day, how do you know that person won't get discouraged, bored, or burned out after a year, or even just a few months? Making countless calls, day after day, to grab a sale or two in a sea of rejection drags a lot of people down. However, pounding our calls every day fills some people with energy and vigor. What if you knew your job candidate's reaction before you hired him or her? The best inside sales reps close sales by selling themselves, projecting a positive attitude, engaging prospects with a pleasant assertiveness, and by using superhuman stamina to come in every day and hammer the phones with energy and enthusiasm. What if you could measure those traits in a real world setting as part of your hiring process?

Even if they stick around, will they bring in the business?

Hiring an average employee can hurt worse than hiring a poor employee. At least with a poor hire, you recognize it quickly, and replace that employee with a high performer. Average employees sit there, continually floating by and sucking up compensation, headcount, and energy that could be much better spent on high performers. Average employees hold your business back from the money it could be, and should be making.


If you've been nodding your head while reading this, I’m glad to share our tool with you.

FindClosers reveals which of your inside sales candidates fit the profile of inside sales rockstars. What if you...

  • ... could have every inside sales applicant make 100 calls, without any risk to your business?
  • ... could see full statistics on every one of those calls, including dials, connections, talk time, conversions (sales), and feedback from the people called?
  • ... could go inside of the mind of the candidate, and found out if the candidate found making calls all day energizing, or discouraging?
  • ... see scientific measurements of the stress and emotion level of the candidate throughout the calls, and how he or she reacted to each type of call outcome?

FindClosers inside sales screening tool lets you do all of that. Here's how:

  • You invite your candidate to do a FindClosers inside sales screening assignment.
  • The candidate calls 100 consumers or businesses. Who do they call? We give them a list of 100 consumers or businesses with unclaimed assets (money), money forgotten by those consumers or businesses that is rightfully theirs. Your candidate calls and "closes" them by getting their information and sending them instructions on how to reclaim their assets.
  • We track the candidate's call performance, stress level, and happiness throughout the process and report this back to you.

We're rooted in a few core beliefs:

  • You want to make hiring decisions on actual call performance. Hiring should be done based of hard data that predicts success. You should not make decisions solely off of 30 minute conversations, how tall someone is, or someone's "gut" feel.
  • You want to build a highly successful, long lasting inside sales teams that make you more money. You want to take the guesswork out of hiring inside sales reps, and confidently hire the best candidates that demonstrate they have what it takes to succeed, last, and thrive as an inside sales rep.
  • You want to hire high performing inside sale reps, and avoid hiring average and mediocre inside sale reps. You know a great rep brings your company 10x the value of an average rep.

Give it a test run, but read this first

Why not give it a test run? Everyone company gets a free test. Before you start, there are a few requirements to make sure it will fit your needs:

  • You have, or are hiring inside sales/telesales reps
  • You hire based on skills and performance, not politics>
  • You’re committed to helping us make our product better (we love feedback)
  • You’re willing to invest just $249 per tested applicant
  • If you hire more than a few reps per year, we have bulk discount plans to make things more affordable. Bulk discounts can get your price down to $99 per tested applicant with enough volume.

If this sounds like you, and you want to hire only the best inside reps, send us an email at and we'll give you a personal tour of the product. We can do it via Skype, iChat, WebEx, GoTo Meeting, or whatever works for you.

Let’s get started.

Drop us an email at, or sign up below. Tell us your story, your struggles in hiring inside sales reps, and we’ll show you how FindClosers can help.